Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Insulation

(Update on the quest to commute, powered by muscle, 104 times in 52 weeks.  Week 35:  walked 2x, bicycled zero. Week 36:  walked 1x, bicycled zero. Week 37: walked 1x, bicycled ONE! YEAH! Grand total:  86, 12 in the bank).

Ta dah! Just when the check-in on how often I use my muscles to get around was getting to feel like a Weight Watcher's Weigh-In after a cookie exchange ...
... the urge to cycle descended from, or perhaps was ordered by, the heavens.  The sun came out, the frost sparkled, the leaves in the bike path dried up. 

It was cold as the North Pole, but I DIDN'T CARE.  See what a couple weeks of holiday eating brings?  Insulation.  

Shook out the puffy coat, ear warmer and mittens ...
A friend noted that this coat makes my head look small.  Believe me, nothing could be further from the truth.
Checked the tires and CYCLED. 

Frozen puddle
Auspicious start to 2012.  Happy cycling all.  

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