Monday, January 14, 2013

Do 4 Things. Reach Your Goal. 104 rides in 52 weeks.

Why oh why do we fail to follow through on our goals? 

Wait. Does walking the parking lot from grocery store to Bi-Mart count as a walk? (No.)

What if it's a really big parking lot?

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It's only Jan. 12, and my resolution to get out of the car is already crumbling. The extra commutes-by-muscle accumulated last summer are dwindling, and my one-year deadline (April 15) to car-free-commute 104 times in 52 weeks is speeding toward us. 

My excuses:  
Too cold. Helmet hair. Takes too much time.  Biking is too scary. Too many cars. Violates the herd instinct.  Blah, blah. 

This calls for an intervention.  

I conducted a study of Self Help experts on the subject.

To reach goals you need to do 4 things:  

1. Make a plan.  Write it down. Divide it into 5 subgoals.  Write them down.  Choose a reward for every milestone.  Write it down.  Look at all three, every day.  

2.  Imagine how reaching the goal will benefit you and other people.  

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3.  Tell someone else your goal. 
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4.  Start.  Just start. Subconscious minds don't like unfinished projects and will niggle and nag until a job is done.  People who don't get started, don't get started.  Or finished.  They procrastinate instead.

OKAY.  Tomorrow I walk to the mailbox and back, or bust. 

Photo: thank you Morguefile and Schick

(Update on the quest to commute, powered by muscle, 104 times in 52 weeks.  Week 38:  walked 1x, bicycled zero. Week 39:  walked 1x, bicycled zero. (BOO) Start date and end date:  April 15.  Grand total:  89, 11 in the bank).

Source of the authority on how to achieve goals:  59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot, Richard Wiseman

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