Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weeks 25 & 26: Walking Counts

New Rule:  in the quest to cycle at least twice a week for a year, from here on out a commute on foot hereby counts as a bicycle ride.  

It was April when I decided to drive less and bicycle more.  What was I was thinking? Winter wouldn't come again?  

My town, Oct.-April
July brought the discovery that it is possible to wipe out for no good reason, without the aid of cars, pedestrians or bad weather: (  

It seems sensible to give myself slack.  If it's dark, wet, cold, if there are leaves piled dangerously in the bike path, if my inner warning system is hollering don't do it, I won't. The point is, after all, to Get Out Of the Car. My feet work fine. We have plenty of shoes.  

Yeah, walking is slow, a little lonely ...

...and presents challenges ...
Through or around?  Through or around?

but there's something to be said for making it through the season in one piece. Vive la pedestrians.  

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride? 'Ride,' Pleasure said; 'Walk,' Joy replied.”  ― W.H. Davies

What adjustments do you make for winter commutes?  Or are you lucky enough to live in a sunny place where weather isn't an issue?  

Update on the quest to bicycle commute sans fossil fuels 104 times in 52 weeks.  Week 25:  rode/commuted twice.  Week 26:  2 rides + one walk to the store.  Grand total:   68 (16 in the bank).

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good to Be Loved: Week 24

The weather report says that today is the last in a long line of late summer days.  

Tomorrow brings rain. 

How many of us cyclers greet this news with mixed feelings?  Leaf blowers are already corralling leaves into the bike lanes in anticipation of the city pickup, which won't happen for another two months.  It's kind of fun to roll through the leaves when it's dry, but once the rain starts, look out.  

Today we ride. Tomorrow we slide.   

I'm considering, in my quest to cycle 104 times this year, starting to count walking as the same as bicycling.  Isn't the point to just get out of the car?  

Ah, but walking takes so long.  

I take solace in the graffiti garden ...
I checked the graffiti dictionary, but can't find what PM means.  Maybe it's the artist's initials.  Happy Halloween to you, too.

... which is tucked next to a field of wild fennel, 
                                     behind the jail and the train tracks ...

... which reminds me that next summer, probably, coal trains will be chugging through the city.  The county commissioners vote next week on whether or not to allow coal trains through town.  The coal will be headed for the coastal town of Coos Bay for shipping and processing overseas.  Four trains a day, up to 150 open cars each. 

Coming soon to the fennel field: a veil of coal dust. 
This is not what people usually mean when they call Eugene Track Town
Coos Bay needs the 165 jobs the coal trains will bring.  Get a community desperate enough for work, and worries about air pollution count for nothing.  

Pedal on.  Here, a small consolation, a sign next to the bike lane: 

Thanks for the nod Hummingbird Wholesale
It is good to be loved.

 Are you ready for winter?  How do you feel about coal trains, and coal in general?  Any solution to the city's leaf recycling program, which leaves (pun not intended) bike paths treacherous for weeks?
Update on the quest to bicycle 104 times in 52 weeks.  Week 24:  rode/commuted twice.  Grand total:  63 (15 rides in the bank).