Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Feeding People: Week 8 of 52

Next Stop:

Food For Lane County's Dining Room

Homelessness on the brain.  Here is the Dining Room, run by Food for Lane County.  It feeds about 1200 meals per week, for free, Monday through Thursday with four course meals served restaurant style.

Some of the neighbors are unhappy.  The owners of a floor covering store, according to the local paper, "reckon with drunks, jaywalkers, loiterers and pot smokers, as well as people who urinate in public, use 'very foul language' and even have sex on the sidewalk."

This I gotta see.  Check back for a report after I take one of the 5:15-7:15 meal prep shifts.

Update on 104 commutes by bicycle in 52 weeks:  Week 8, 16 Rides.  Still on target.  


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