Monday, May 7, 2012

Portland rocks (and rolls), and birding by bicycle?

Motivating myself to get out of my car by setting a goal of 104 (Ten-4) rides in a year.

Bikes and Traffic in Portland, OR, from mometum mag

Visited Portland, Oregon, one of the bike-friendly cities.  There were a lot more cars than cyclists.

OregonLive photo of I-5 at rush hour

Still, everywhere you go, there they are, intrepid riders, one or two, or a dozen.  It feels good. Yeah Portland.  

OregonLive photo, Hawthorne Bridge

Ten-4 update: week three, 2 bicycle commutes.  On target with one ride to spare, which is good because next week I'm unplugging, traveling to eastern Oregon to spy on migrating birds. Not something you do by bicycle, although, now that I think of it ...  hmm.

White-faced Ibis at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, from OregonLive

Bird on bike, from Zazzle
Any bicycling birders out there?  

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