Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New goal: Ten-4 in 52

The bar might be too low.  

The original goal: cycle 52 times in 52 weeks, year-round as much as possible, putting extra rides in the bank for nasty weather, laziness or when traveling without a bicycle.

Week 1:  3 bicycle rides.  Week 2:  Two rides.  Easy.  

I could aim a little higher.  

OK setting a new goal:  A Hundred and Four Rides in 52 Weeks.  Not as poetic as 52 in 52. How about:

  Ten-4 in 52.  

Ten Four:  a police code phrase meaning OK

Look!  Here's a Ten-4 bicycle:  
Image Source:  TenFour
Must be fate.   

Nine-Nine rides to go.  

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