Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Kingdom for a Hat

Sometimes when I'm cycling I just don't want my head to get wet.  I tried tucking hood under bike helmet, but couldn't see very well; then tried hood over the helmet, but felt like I was in a diving bell.

Yeah, yeah, there are plenty of options.  Take the JAKROO Cycling Bike Helmet Rain Cover Hat for $12:
Dorky.  Complementary shower caps you get at hotels do just as well.

The Novara Thermal Tech Beanie ($20):
Too much of a hair squisher.

How about the Showers Pass Bike Helmet Cover ($40)?

Seriously? $40?  

Now this is more like it: 

Enhanced Bicycle Helmets, Thanks to artist Mattias Adolfsson

Cycling philosopher Emma J has the right idea, re-imagining helmets for every occasion:

From Emma J's Imaginary Bicycle, a wide-brimmed straw helmet hat with ribbon and flowers
Oh but look!  Coming soon:

Airbag bicycle helmet

An airbag for your head that can be worn as a stylish scarf.  This would mean NO HELMET, so you can wear anything you want to keep dry.  See Wired Magazine's Oct. 20, 2010 Gadget Lab for a crash test dummy demo.  

Probably costs more than $40, though.  Maybe better to reconcile myself to wet hair.  

What's your head gear?  Anybody out there tried the Cycling Airbag?  


  1. If this was a Wordpress account, this would get Freshly Pressed! Hilarious and original! Fantastic!

  2. Thank you Susie. Coming from the original Wild Ride no less, this complement will go under my pillow to sweeten up my dreams, right along with my neck roll. Alas no other comments! No other likes! It's a tough blog world out there. I'll consider consolidating, as soon as I finish visiting with your blog party friends.


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