Friday, April 6, 2012

Mittens and Daffodils

Hail, Hail!
Yee haw.  The daphne is blooming (never mind that it lost all its leaves) and so are the daffodils.  Spring must be here.



However, it's T minus 11 days before the official April 15 start date for 52 rides in 52 weeks.  Get out the rain gear! 

Frog Tog Dirt Bike Rain Gear

... ragg wool mittens

Manzella ragg wool mittens from Campmor

Ready, set ... bike! ...

Well, maybe tomorrow.  

Even Bike Hugger blog writer Byron, a seriously macho and dedicated cycler, waits out hail.  An excerpt:  "I’ve ridden in sideways, full-frontal, deluge, drizzle, mist, freezing, bounce-off-the-top-tube-into-your-face rain. Snow, blizzard, freezing fog, and wet dust storms that spit mud drops. On one particularly epic Mt Rainer ride, a Forest Service Ranger handed me a plastic garbage bag so I could make it down the road a few thousand feet into warmer weather. I shivered so badly, the bike shook.
When the temps dip below 32, I don’t ride. Here in Seattle temperatures that low don’t last long. And I stop for hail too, it’s just really unpleasant. Wait a while and it’ll pass."
Image and excerpt source: Bike Hugger , a great cycling blog. This post features tips on wet weather gear.  

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