Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fifty Two Rides in Fifty Two Weeks: Supporting Fetishism and Communing with Campers

Week one of 52 rides in 52 weeks.  Grand total of rides for the week:  3.

Yeah! Surpassed the week's goal.

Please don't give me grief about setting the bar too low.  I know myself.

Wrap up:  Ride 1.  Decked myself out in full rain regalia, complete with mittens.  Unfortunately, on the ride home it was 65 degrees and sunny. Probably why the passing motorists gave me a wide berth.

Ride 2. An ordinary, forgettable commute to yoga school.  

Devotees' shoes outside the yoga room

Ride 3. Best of the week:  sunny Sunday, early morning, misty.

A panhandler with a radiant smile declined to let me take his picture because, he said, he didn't want to support fetishism.  Fair enough.  

Substitute panhandler photo below.

Image Source:  The Inquisitor, "Panhandlers Discover New Stimulous Tactic"
These photos were taken without permission:

Young lovers:


Fishers, both avian and humanoid.

See "Amazing Pictures of Birds" for more like this of a kingfisher
Detergent in the Oakway Mall fountain.  That thing must be really clean.

Maybe it's just from looking through gold-colored sunglasses, but it seems like grass really is greener from a bicycle.
Spring grass and my shadow

Fifty one weeks to go ...

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