Tuesday, April 3, 2012

52 Rides in 52 Weeks

Kats Dekker photostream

A friend who read Blog Inspirations: A Path Less Pedaled asked, did you mean to call yourself a "car lover"? Don't you mean bicycle lover?  No.  Well yes and no.

I love cars.  
Image source:  Norton Automotive Group.  See them if no one else wants to give you a car loan.  Or, buy a bike.

I also love cycling...
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...but often opt for the car.  The excuses for not cycling are numerous:  too old, too cold, too dangerous, too late, too wet.  Lonely.  This winter I didn't cycle at all.  Some days I didn't go outside at all.

Image source:  http://www.thekitchn.com, "Best Meals for a Rainy Day"

With spring here, the excuses are starting to sound thin and the reasons to cycle are making the stronger case.

Image Source:  Meghan Telpner, Nutrionista blog
So, how to talk myself back into the saddle, use more muscle and fewer fossil fuels?  Quitting the car cold turkey probably ain't gonna happen ..
"Cold Turkey" by artist Nasan Hardcastle. Check out his blog with this link: "Soft-Shack"
How about this?  Starting on tax day, April 15, a pledge to ride at least once a week:  52 rides in 52 weeks.  A friend has promised to do it, too.

Help alleviate cycling loneliness!  Leave a link to a favorite bike blog, or one of your bicycling stories, or a photograph.  How to follow:  click the little black bar on the right side of the screen and subscribe. Once a week or so, I'll check in, link back and re-post, tell our stories or yours.

Here's the recommended bicycling safety item of the week:

Note: there is a Bike Butterfly website.  Always sold out. 

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