Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Civic Activism -- Save me from this intersection!

These small and tree-shrouded signs:

...are the only indication that bicyclists are cutting at an angle right there across a busy on-ramp.  There is a wheel-chair style cut out in the curb across the street (hidden behind the car in the photo) which funnels bicyclists onto the sidewalk/bike route.

Anybody else have close calls here?  It's on the road off Oakway, heading toward I-105, going west.

It's an especially bad crossing because 1/2 a block back, there is a no-turn-on-red stop light, so drivers wait impatiently at the intersection for the light to turn green, and then take off, pedal to the metal, just about where the signs are.

Better signage would help.  How about this?

Or this?

We live in a bicycle-friendly city, and there is someone to call about safety suggestions:  bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, Lee Shoemaker at (541) 682-5471.
I have a call into Lee and hope to hear from him soon.


  1. Yep, because otherwise your photos are going to show police tape and chalk outlines. Grim, but true. I have to say that I really hate every spot in Eugene where bike lanes take you across traffic, or merge with traffic, or do other wonky things. Drivers have no idea what they're supposed to do -- and often don't care -- and, unless they're cyclists themselves, don't realize how carefully they need to always be scanning. I think all of these spots should have crosswalk signals for bikers. I hope your call to Lee Shoemaker will yield some results.

  2. Thanks. Finally heard back from Lee, who passed the message on to Steve Gallup of Public Works. See blog update -- December 12. Cheers!


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