Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crossing the river for fish

(Above, Oakmont Park)

Good news for bikers and walkers in my neighborhood! (We sorely need good news.)

You can now walk safely from Oakway Street to Newman's Grotto for excellent fresh fish (also fish and chips) without taking your life in your hands.

Two years ago getting from our house to Newman's on foot meant a long slog or taking your chances across a river of nonstop traffic. I made a stab a citizen activism by calling the city and requesting a stop light, and called Newman's about agitating for the same.
My efforts petered out after that, but someone was on the same page. See above, just finished. Now it is possible to meander through Oakmont Park, down a quiet street rich with gardens and kids, safely cross Coburg road and ten minutes later, your takeout is ready.

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